JDFF and John Maxwell Leadership Foundation in Guatemala

February 16, 2017

Guatemala Prospera- an organization that works with communities across Guatemala. They have been training with John Maxwell’s Leadership program called Equip for 3 years. Guatemala Prospera then passes on the Equip leadership principals to the Guatemalan communities. Think of Guatemala Prospera as the “boots on the ground” in Guatemala for positive change. They help build schools, water wells, job training with faith based principals.

President of Guatemala, Jimmy Morales and Jonathon Fischer after they were introduced by John Maxwell.

John Maxwell making an introduction between President Morales, President of Guatemala and philanthropist and published author, Christine Avanti-Fischer

President Jimmy Morales of Guatemala pins his official Republica de Guatemala pin onto Jonathon Fischer’s jacket lapel

President Jimmy Morales wearing the Canadian lapel pin given to him by Jonathon Fischer.

It was a special meeting with 10 individuals – Jonathon Fischer and Christine Avanti-Fischer had the honor of being in attendance. Jonathon gave President Morales a Canadian Flag lapel pin and in return President Morales gave Mr. Fischer his official Presidente de Republica Guatemala lapel pin.

John Maxwell, President Jimmy Morales, Jonathon Fischer, Christine Avanti-Fischer

After all of the introductions John Maxwell shared our desire to continue to train Guatemalan leadership principals as his organization had been doing for the past three years through Maxwell’s leadership program called “Equip.”

The group in discussion

In response, President Morales thanked Mr. Maxwell for the significant difference the Equip Leadership training has made in his country. The president went on to share several areas that need to continue change to improve his country such as clean water, improved health care, and education.

John Maxwell responded with an affirmative – and they kicked off a day of Equip Leadership training, starting with a conference with all the governors and mayors throughout Guatemala.

President Morales gave the opening speech and the day began with excitement and open minds!

Jonathon and Christine will begin their partnership the John Maxwell Leadership Foundation and Guatemala Prospera to transform Guatemalans into strong leaders.

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JDFF was created out of Jonathon and Christine Fischer’s mutual philanthropic passion - focusing on inspiring and empowering people to make the world a better place by providing a hand up, through education, kindness, and generosity.

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