Grant Qualifications

Grants are awarded to nonprofit, tax-exempt CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency) approved or USA 501(c)(3) organizations. The Foundation does not consider direct applications from nonprofits incorporated outside of Canada or USA unless the project has been requested by JDFF.

Types of grants

The grants should support specific programs that fall within the pillars of JDFF. On occasion, operating and capacity-building grants maybe awarded. Capital grants are rare and limited to projects with community-wide impact that reflect the program interests of the Foundation. Any invited requests for operating or capacity-building support must include an organization’s results-oriented annual plan, covering both programs and management.

Proposal review criteria

  • The Foundation supports programs for education of children, community based water projects, imminent medical needs, animal rights, and human trafficking prevention and recovery. See the Foundation’s funding priorities for further guidance.
  • Strength of proposal – Foundation guidelines match
  • Quality and creativity in project design, implementation and evaluation
  • Quality of the applicant nonprofit’s leadership and organizational capacity
  • Potential to stretch or leverage JDFF funds
  • Specific interests of Foundation and/or staff

In addition to the above benchmarks, the Foundation may request that those organizations submitting full proposals for established projects include a two-year outline for potential enhancement and sustainability as part of the application. Staff will provide guidance for such outlines.

Other grant-related information

  • The Foundation may award grants for annual fund drives, scholarships, support of individuals, sponsorship of fundraising events, or emergency funds.
  • The Foundation may consider or acknowledge general solicitation letters.
  • Basic health sciences research is not funded by the Foundation.
  • Single disease or condition organizations are typically not funded by the Foundation. An exception may be made for a creative project involving one or more of the following: service to multiple populations, collaboration and/or creation of a replicable model.

Proposal deadlines are established based upon discussion with Foundation staff.

Grants – Guidelines

Letters and proposals are to be submitted to staff at the Foundation offices.
The Foundation will periodically consider additional funds for expanded evaluation of promising projects.