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    Making dreams reality

    Innovative Partnerships Providing a Hand Up

    The Jonathon D. Fischer Foundation believes in working domestically and beyond our borders, internationally. JDFF believes in having a greater impact by leveraging the strengths of visionary charitable organizations. We want to help young people to reach their full potential. We believe in assisting in projects that have both imminent needs and long-term sustainable benefits, in providing a hand up, not a hand out.


    JDFF believes that a basic education is the right of every single child around the world. We are focused on organizations that are innovative and effective in the mission to ensure that every child has access to education.

    Human Trafficking

    The organizations we partner with and fund are well established in their specialized fields. Whether through digital deterrence or physical rescues, JDFF is focused on freeing all human trafficking victims.

    Animal Rights

    JDFF believes that all animals are born with basic rights, and we support and partner with organizations that protect those rights. We also fund organizations that work toward improving relationships between animals and humans.

    Medical Needs

    JDFF’s philosophy is ‘if you don’t have basic medical supplies, you don’t have the proper foundation for a sustainable community.’ JDFF is focused on delivering supplies for imminent medical needs to impoverished nations, as well as building sustainable medical systems with long-term impact.

    Water Projects

    JDFF believes access to clean drinking water is paramount to a healthy, productive society. We partner with and fund organizations dedicated to building wells and educating people about safe water practices.

    Get Involved


    Please contact either our Canadian or US office to inquire about how you can help with one of the many projects we support. Though we do not take on volunteers at our offices, we can put you in touch with the appropriate representatives of the various organizations we fund. If emailing please include ‘Participation Inquiry’ in subject line.

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    JDFF will only accept a donation that is designated for a specific project. 100% of the donation will go directly to the project as administration costs are completely covered by the foundation. Please contact either our Canada or US office for more information. If emailing please include ‘Donation Inquiry’ in subject line.

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