Project Hope

Project hope is a program developed by the Los Angeles Dream Center that focuses on human trafficking rescue and recovery efforts. Project Hope’s mission is to rescue adult women from the streets in and around Los Angeles, bring them back to health and wellness in a safe secured location and prepare them for re-entry into society.

For obvious reasons much of the work Project Hope does is kept private.

All members of the rescue and recovery team are given an alias as a way to protect their identity. This is done because pimps and gang members hold many of the rescues – retaliation is a very real threat.

The girls are cared for in a location that is secret. Though we don’t share pictures of the facility, JDFF can share that as part of a grant approval process we were given the opportunity to tour the facility, speak with some of the staff and the rescues and see first hand the 24 hour, 7 day a week effort being put into the care and rehabilitation of these brave women.

Since 2012, funds provided by JDFF have been used to provide:

    • A rescue recovery SUV
    • 100 Rescue Backpacks
    • Bunk Beds for the dormitories
    • A sofa for the Recovery living room
    • Clothes and supplies for rescues

For more information on Project Hope please visit their website