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Although foster care is gaining momentum in Mexico, orphanages still dominate by a long shot.

There are over 700 orphanages — some public, some private — that house over 30,000 children in Mexico. It’s estimated that 400,000 Mexican children are without parents, and 100,000 of these children are homeless. Needless to say, improved housing solutions are needed for orphaned children in Mexico.

Casa Hogar strives to offer a special safe and happy children’s home set in a camp-like environment providing physical and emotional care.

In addition to caring for the boys and girls they prepare them for adoption or to be reunited with their families. Boys and girls still with Casa Hogar after completing high school are provided with future options of advanced education, employment or transitional housing.

The children attend a combination of public, private and special education schools combined with some in-house tutoring.

Casa Hogar receives no government assistance and relies on private donations and funding. JDFF has had the privilege of partnering with Casa Hogar and providing financial support, along with many other great organizations.

There are great things happening at Casa Hogar de Cabo San Lucas! See below for news from their latest newsletter:

Netflix’s Blue Miracle

Netflix has picked up Dennis Quaid’s new movie Blue Miracle loosely based on a 2014 Casa Hogar story.  No spoilers here – we still haven’t seen it!  We won’t have to wait for long as Blue Miracle premieres May 27th. 


Watch the Preview on YouTube Here

Casa Hogar’s annual video

Casa Hogar’s annual video is now available for your viewing pleasure!  Featuring Marlon, Citlaly and Ian this year’s video is a tear-jerker.  Looking for some quality time with your spouse or family?  Why not enjoy a glass a wine while watching our 8-minute masterpiece. 


You can also find the video on:

Great Visits!

We’ve had some fantastic group visits this year from several sources including families and businesses.  To mention a few, the Legendary group did some heavy-duty volunteer work tackling a rock wall project and washing windows while Tendencia Magazine staff coordinated creative arts with our residents.  Our friends at Associa Mexico put on another fantastic event with Easter games and activities.   

Our kids have also had an opportunity to enjoy some great outings to the clear blue waters of the Sea of Cortez, beaches, parks, Sancho’s restaurant and the swimming pool of the Hard Rock Hotel.  Thank you to those involved in coordinating these special visits and opportunities.  

First Communion

It’s commonplace for Juan Pablo, the first resident of our shipping container Transition Housing, to come up with ambitious plans and ideas.  He lacks the know how to follow through but you could say, he’s a gifted recruiter.  Juan Pablo had his mind set on taking part in the First Communion of the Catholic Church.   Pegged as the Godfather, I had my work cut out for me.  After calling in a few favors we had a date, location and Priest confirmed.  A few additional steps for flowers, lunch, cake, invitations and décor and we were ready! 

What a beautiful and edifying experiencing for our Casa Hogar kids, staff and special guests.  The cheers and congratulations from our little ones were particularly heart-warming.  😊 …one of these days Juan Pablo will want to get married.  We won’t be ready, but we’ll figure it out. 

More Family Reintegration

It’s tough to say goodbye to our kids but when a safe, healthy family reintegration situation becomes available we count it as a miracle.  Six-years to the day, Zoren our longest-duration resident was reintegrated with his mother.  Now three-months in – they are doing great.  We are thankful to have kept in touch with Zoren’s mother over the years.  Last summer we flew her in to be evaluated by the Municipal authorities and she passed with flying colors.  We maintain regular contact with Zoren.  They have adjusted well to their new routines and we are so very proud of them! 

Two other long-term residents, Gabriel and Chuy were placed in the care of their fabulous aunt and uncle.   This was a slow process with multiple stays gradually increasing in length.  The brothers were with us over five-years.  Through this placement with their aunt they have also met other family members including their grandfather who remembers the boys from their early years.  This is a dream come true for these two tough lads.   

How You Can Help Right Now

Financially it’s a challenging year for Casa Hogar.  We currently have 45% of our annual budget in place which is a fantastic start but there is much work to be done. 

Formal grants from Los Cabos Children’s Foundation, Dibujando Un Mañana, Herbalife Nutrition Foundation and the Jonathan D. Fisher Foundation have been instrumental in providing sustainability in a very different year for fund raising.  Several families have also made contributions to ensure essential needs are covered.  Please help us within your means to make a lasting impact in the lives of our girls, boys and teens.  

Donating to Casa Hogar has never been easier.  With Giving Fuel you can make a US-tax deductible contribution using your credit card.   For alternative ways to donate visit

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  1. My wife and i just saw the movie on Netflix. YEA!! What a great story. A feel good movie. So many out there
    are not. How could i donate directly to Casa Hogar’s kids or do i have to go to the JDF Foundation?

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