Bible Giveaway in Guatemala

February 17, 2017 – Guatemala

John Maxwell, New York best selling author, leadership teacher and founder of Equip and the John C. Maxwell Leadership Foundation

Guatemalan soldiers in attendance

Guatemalan soldiers driving back to they compound with new Bibles in their hands

The Dome in Guatemala City – filled with over 8,000 “Equip” leaders who teach leadership in their local schools, community centers, churches and work places- 8,000 leaders each teach 10 leaders in training which creates 80,000 new leaders, who then teach 10 leaders- for a total 800,000 new leaders in Guatemala- teaching morals, values, work ethics, small business skills etc- this is how a country can transform into a prosperous nation! We are so excited for the future of Guatemala!

Christine and the team handing out Spanish bibles to thousands of people.


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