Press Release: World Marathon Challenge

Canadian to compete in an endurance race of a lifetime to raise/donate $700,000

Oakville Ontario resident Jonathon Fischer will run seven marathons on seven continents in seven consecutive days.

There is simply nothing like The World Marathon Challenge – 7 Marathons in 7 Days on 7 Continents, it is the only event that offers the opportunity to run 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days. Participants run 295 km (183 miles) over the seven-day period, spend 59 hours in the air and fly approximately 38,000 km. Successful participants will be recognized by The 7 Continents Marathon Club™& Intercontinental Marathon Club . It is a logistical nightmare, mixing extreme weather conditions with jetlag & fatigue, not to mention how bad a person feels getting off one international flight, let alone…. doing 7 in a row…

The event will be the first time a Canadian will participate which in prior years only allowed 15 runners due to the logistical challenges. This year the number has skyrocketed to 30 runners and Fischer is honored to be amongst an amazing field of champions (a few are outlined below); 

  • Ryan Hall is a two time Olympian (2008 & 2012) who also holds the U.S. ½ marathon record (59:43), he is also the only American to run a sub-2:05 marathon
  • Michael Wardian won the 2008, 2009 and 2010 US 50 km championships and the Washington D.C. Marathon in 2010, 2011 and 2012.
  • Chile’s Silvana Camelio, winner of the 2015 Antarctic Ice Marathon
  • Luke Wigman, winner of the 2016 Volcano Marathon in the Atacama Desert
  • Ireland’s Sinead Keane hopes to become the first blind person to complete the World Marathon Challenge

The World Marathon Challenge® is organized by Global Running Adventures who also organizes the world’s most northerly marathon, the North Pole Marathon®, the world’s most southerly marathon, the Antarctic Ice Marathon®, and the world’s highest desert marathon, the Volcano Marathon®. (For more information

Jonathon D. Fischer is running

The World Marathon Challenge for these amazing charities and others…

JDFF was created out of Jonathon and Christine Fischer’s mutual philanthropic passion – focusing on inspiring and empowering people to make the world a better place by providing a hand up, through education, kindness, and generosity. (for more information

The tentative event schedule:

#1 January 23 – Antarctica  – Running for Sick Kids Hospital  (Rally for Kids)
#2 January 24 –  Punta Arenas – Running for Haiti – MPCF
#3 January 25 – Miami  – Running for Thorn
#4 January 26 – Madrid – Running for Dog Guides
#5 January  27 – Marrakech  – Running for Free the Children
#6 January  28 -Dubai – Running for Dream Center
#7 January 29 – Sydney – Running for other JDFF charity recipients

Ironman Canada – Penticton

Ironman USA – Lake Placid